What I want to do with Jon is that he can’t be a hero straight away, and that’s what the writers are doing as well. He has to learn,” Harington tells Zap2it. “I think this season he really starts learning. He starts being able to control his temper more, which he’s not been so good at in the past.


Rest in Peace, Betty Joan Perske, aka Lauren Bacall. (September 16, 1924 - August 12, 2014.)

"Stardom isn’t a profession, it’s an accident."

A truly amazing actress who has touched all our hearts and changed our lives. Betty was a Hollywood legend in the true sense of the word and she will never, never be forgotten. Thank you so much for everything, Betty. We hope that you’re with Bogie now. ♥


  • Katharine Hepburn: You've been lucky enough to be given a life, haven't you? Well, do it justice.
  • Spencer Tracy: Live your life under your own terms. Who cares what other people think?
  • Bette Davis: Want a future? Go get it, bitch.
  • Lucille Ball: There's something wonderful waiting for you out there. Have a little patience.
  • Desi Arnaz: Don't judge a book by its cover. Even Cuban books can end up being TV legends.
  • Joan Crawford: What goes around comes around. And makes sure to bite you in the ass.
  • Fred Astaire: Being extraordinary does not mean you can be arrogant.
  • Audrey Hepburn: Let love fuel you. Always.
  • James Stewart: Yes, darling. Keep your feet on the ground.
  • Lauren Bacall: You can survive anything. Be proud of that.
  • Humphrey Bogart: You'll always have a chance to redeem yourself.
  • Julie Andrews: There's never too much you in you.
  • Marilyn Monroe: Everything has a price.
  • Frank Sinatra: Ask before you assume. It may ruin your life.
  • Ava Gardner: Is it real? Good. Is it fake? Bullshit. Be yourself before you regret it.
  • Vivien Leigh: Despite anything, keep looking up.
  • Cary Grant: When people need you, be there. Someday, you might need them too.
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Live intensely.


Sharon Tate dancing during a promotional photo session for The Wrecking Crew (1968)

Jackie Kennedy. On a visit to India in March 1962. Photographed by Art Rickerby.

Jane Russell as Dorothy Shaw in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, c. 1953


Happy Birthday Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor!

(February 27, 1932-March 23, 2011)

Her sunny looks often led the critics to overlook her powerful performances and underrate her acting ability,  but she has won over her detractors  with tenacity and dedication to her craft. She was always striving to push herself to the limit. Revisiting her work is revelatory. Every time you watch her films you discover something new.

-Paul Newman


Sixteen year old Elizabeth Taylor in Julia Misbehaves (1948).


Thrill of a Romance (1945)


Bathing Beauty (1944)